Designed to meet the requirements of EPA’s 6H Paint Rule (40 CFR 63 Subpart HHHHHH), the Excel Workstation is a controlled, all-in-one work environment for sanding, priming and limited painting . Shop air is drawn in by an intake pressuring fan, and it is then filtered through the ceiling filters — trapping dust and contaminants,. Designed with 18-gauge, single-skin, pre-coated white panels, the structure can be freestanding (with structural steel supports) or suspended from your shop ceiling.

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T8 Light fixture with 6 tubes

High-Efficiency Lighting

High-efficiency, color-corrected lights are arranged in the ceiling toward the outer edge of the plenum to allow for complete illumination of the entire vehicle.

Flexible Workstations

The Excel Workstation can be configured to be freestanding with structural steel supports or suspended from the shop ceiling and are available in multiple lengths and widths.


All-In-One Work Environment

Designed to meet EPA’s 6H Paint Rule, the Excel® Workstation from GFS is an ideal all-in-one work environment for sanding, priming and limited painting.

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