Problem Solved – Mining Equipment Manufacturer Expands and Modernizes Facility with GFS Booths

In 2009, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) helped to complete the expansion and modernization of a mining equipment manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The expansion project was spread over a three-year period. In the new facility, they added a 75-foot-long spray booth, a 75-foot-long GFS blast booth, another 65-foot-long GFS spray booth in a modernized assembly area, along with an 18-foot GFS spray booth in the machining area.

Project 1: Blast & Paint

The first paint booth is a 75-foot-long, non-pressurized crossdraft booth with an air make-up unit to replace the air in the building. The large blast booth is a 12 gauge, galvanized, bolt-together blast enclosure with a GFS dust collector and a U-pattern recovery floor system (outsourced from another vendor). The manufacturer loads large weldments onto electric transfer cars that move the parts into the blast booth and spray booth.

Project 2: Assembly Area Paint

The spray booth in the assembly area is a 27-foot-wide by 25-foot-high by 65-foot-long side downdraft, drive-thru booth with an open top for total crane access. This booth also has a pair of three-axis personnel lifts. They use overhead cranes to lift machines into the booth, so all of the ducting had to exit through the building side wall. The side chambers, away from the wall, are vented through tunnels under the floor to avoid the overhead cranes.

Project 3: Machine Shop Booth

The spray booth in the machining area is a non-pressurized crossdraft with pneumatic crane doors and an air make-up unit, which provides replacement air to the building.

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