Problem Solved – Wind Turbine Tower Manufacturer Meets Industry Demands with New GFS Booth

Crossdraft paint booth

A manufacturer of tower structures for the wind turbine industry located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, an expansion required additional equipment to meet demands for their tower structures. They needed a new paint booth large enough to paint the inside and outside of the towers, which can be up to 14 feet in diameter and 110 feet long.

After consulting with Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS), it was decided the best fit for the structures would be a 25-foot-wide by 23-foot-high by 130-foot-long crossdraft Large Equipment Paint Booth. With the concern of getting air down the inside of the towers, GFS designed and manufactured filtered plenum entry doors at the front of the booth. This allowed for uniform airflow through the entire width and height of the booth. GFS also incorporated operator platforms on the walls of the booth allowing the operators to be at the optimal height for painting the outside of the towers.

The spray booth was also equipped with an accelerated heated drying mode. The drying mode recirculated 140 degree Fahrenheit air which reduces operating costs while increasing production.

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