Problem Solved – Developing a Better System for Powder Coating Truck Bodies

industrial powder coating booth

Powder Coating Equipment for Deist Industries

Steve Eva, of EVCO Industrial, was contacted by Dale Deist, President of Deist Industries, to evaluate their finishing equipment needs. Deist Industries required a unique powder coating system for their new “Switch and Go” Detachable Truck Body System and their “Ameri-Deck” Hydraulic Loading System. “Our customers were demanding a better coating system”, comments Dale.“They want equipment that looks as good as their trucks.”

To meet Deist Industries needs to accommodate parts as large as 8 ft. x 6 ft. x 16 ft. and weighing 5,000 pounds, EVCO designed an overhead conveyor indexing system that incorporated Global Finishing Solutions’ Wash Station and Powder Coating Booth. The modular design of the Wash Station and Powder Coating Booth allowed the system to be installed in a limited amount of space while maintaining adequate room to work safely and efficiently.

GFS’ Wash Station permitted the re-capture of all of the chemistry that was pumped back to an EVCO closed loop wash reclaim system.  The reclaim system filters returning phosphate/ cleaner solution and evaporates the contaminated rinse waters, in a location with no city sewer. The GFS Wash Station integrated exhaust fans to keep the steam out of the room and provides excellent lighting while the GFS Powder Room incorporates (4) PC-100 powder collectors, configured to be as efficient as possible, resulting in performance that typically requires only two collectors to be running at any given time.

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