Problem Solved – GFS Designs & Installs Outdoor Paint Booth as an Alternative to Expansion

Custom industrial outdoor paint booth with Hazmat Storage building

CEI Enterprises, Inc., located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a manufacturer of asphalt heating and storage equipment. When they were in need of a new paint booth in 2009, space was limited in their existing facility. With many options to choose from, CEI elected to go with a Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) outdoor booth, as opposed to building an expansion to house a new booth. GFS outdoor booths are engineered and designed to meet all seismic and wind loads for the area in which they are installed.

After consulting with GFS, it was decided the best fit would be a 100-foot-long side-downdraft Large Equipment Paint Booth. Also incorporated in the booth were two 3-axis pneumatic personnel lifts. These lifts allow the operator to go up to a height of 17 feet, extend up to 10 feet into the booth and travel the full length of the paint booth. The booth was also equipped with an accelerated heated drying mode. The drying mode recirculates the 140 degree Fahrenheit heated air which reduces operating costs and increases production.

A GFS Hazardous Material Storage Building was also manufactured to safely store their paint, hazardous materials and waste. The building, which is also located out-of-doors, was supplied with a fire suppression system, explosion relief wall panels, heat and air conditioning.

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