Problem Solved — Innovative, High-Production Paint Shop at RPM Sunshine in Australia

GFS Envirotech paint booths


RPM Sunshine in Sunshine West, Australia

When Peter Bubeck of RPM, Repair Process Management decided to start up a new collision repair business, they had one goal in mind: to provide quality automotive repairs in record time. They were able to accomplish this through a partnership with RACV and investment in new, state-of-the-art equipment.

The result is RPM, a completely unique auto body experience. “Most people who come to RPM are quite overwhelmed,” Peter Bubeck, Director of RPM, said. “Their expectation of a traditional motor vehicle repairer is the opposite of what they experience at RPM. We try very hard to overwhelm our clients in every sense, with our presence, the work we do and the time we take to repair their vehicle.”

Located in Sunshine West, Australia, RPM exclusively does work for an Australian insurance company RACV. This relationship, along with the latest technology, robotics and IT solutions, allows RPM to repair a vehicle in less than half the time of a traditional motor body repair business. RPM’ shop technology includes an impressive line of GFS paint finishing equipment:

GFS Vertex CTOF Booths

2 GFS Dual-Bay Vertex CTOF Booths


GFS Equipment – Fastrack Parts Paint Booth, 3 Ultra Plus Paint Booths & a custom Paint Mix Room


Inside the large custom paint mix room


Another look at the GFS equipment installed at RPM Sunshine

“When comparing GFS equipment to what is readily available in Australia, the GFS booth outperforms its competitors through all aspects of booth efficiencies,” Bubeck said.

Featured in each GFS Ultra Plus 1 booth is the innovative AdvanceCure system, an accelerated airflow system designed to greatly reduce the amount of time needed to flash cure or dry any type  of coating. RPM takes full advantage of this technology in their paint booths.

“GFS AdvanceCure technology allows us to cure a painted surface in less than half the time of our competitors,” Bubeck said. “Our goal is to increase the touch time on each vehicle while in our care. When this is achieved, the outcome is a more efficient body shop. The GFS equipment allows just this.”

In May 2012, RPM opened doors at its 3,472 sq m facility in Sunshine West. The success of this facility has allowed RPM to expand to a second location in Somerton. The Somerton facility will open May 2013 and will also feature GFS equipment. GFS is honored to be a part of RPM’ success!

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