GFS Releases Dry Filter Paint Booth Line

OSSEO, Wisc. – Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) is excited to announce the release of the Dry Filter Paint Booth line — which includes Bench, Open Face and Enclosed Finishing Paint Booths. GFS’ most affordable and versatile industrial paint booth line, Dry Filter Paint Booths provide safe, affordable solutions for a wide variety of finishing applications.

As part of a corporate initiative designed to improve product quality, consistency and shipping times, GFS has pre-engineered more than 500 models of Dry Filter Paint Booths in a wide variety of sizes — ranging from 3 to 20 feet wide. In addition to numerous pre-engineered models, businesses and hobbyists can choose from multiple standard options or work with GFS to custom design a Dry Filter Booth to meet their specific needs.

“We have taken our most popular industrial paint booth — the Open Face Booth — and expanded upon and improved it, with more size options and the addition of the new Enclosed Finishing Booth,” said Mike Lampshire, vice president of industrial sales at GFS. “By pre-engineering hundreds of models and standard options, we are able to provide better-quality, proven products.”

GFS Bench and Open Face Paint Booths feature an open-front design, which saves valuable floor space and allows products and parts to easily move in and out of the booth. GFS’ smallest paint booths, Bench Booths are available with an integrated raised bench or designed to be placed on a countertop to make painting small parts easy and accessible. With a broader size range, Open Face Booths and Enclosed Finishing Paint Booths are designed to accommodate larger parts and products. The new Enclosed Finishing Booth is similar to the Open Face Booth, with the addition of high-efficiency filtered intake doors for a cleaner finishing environment.

GFS Dry Filter Paint Booths are expertly designed for reliable performance and longevity. In addition, Dry Filter Booths are engineered to meet or exceed government safety standards, so businesses can easily achieve necessary equipment permits and stamped drawings, and ensure employee safety.

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