Problem Solved — Rural Wisconsin Startup Stays Local with New Powder Coating Booth and Oven

With 14 years of combined powder coating experience, partners Vinnie Duecker and Justin Bolton opened their dream powder coating shop in December 2018 in Monroe, Wisconsin. Knowing they needed top-quality finishing equipment to obtain the final finishes they desired, they reached out to another Wisconsin business, Global Finishing Solutions (GFS).

With the help of Garrett Armstrong of ICAFe, Inc., a GFS distributor, and Vincent Allen, a field service technician at GFS, Metal Coating Specialists was able to get their Batch Powder Coating Booth and Oven up and running quickly.

“Garrett got us the equipment sooner than expected, and Vincent was extremely nice and helpful during startup,” says Duecker. “We are extremely happy that we went with a local Wisconsin company. It’s a great setup and system. Everything is working out really well.”

Using food-grade powder, Metal Coating Specialists provides top-notch powder coating finishes for anything from rims and race car chassis to snowmobile trailers and cabinets. The powder coating startup is able to keep up with ever-increasing demands and meet their customers’ expectations for a high-quality final product thanks to their GFS powder coating equipment.

“Our powder coating system is very efficient,” Duecker said. “The oven comes up to temperature much faster, and the materials come up to temperature faster, too. There is an equal distribution of heat — we don’t have a spot where it’s starting to cool and another where it’s 20 degrees cooler, so the quality is a lot better.”

Impressed with the custom options available on GFS Batch Process Ovens, Metal Coating Specialists upgraded their oven to include an access door on the heater box. This oven option allows the operator to check the temperature of the oven without having to open the main product doors.

Looking beyond their current production needs, Metal Coating Specialists designed their facility and equipment to accommodate future growth. There is enough space in their shop to expand their current 24-foot oven by an additional 16 feet. In addition, the business has considered bringing sandblasting and liquid painting services in-house — with the end goal of creating an all-in-one specialty coating operation.

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