Infrared Curing Times Added to Automotive Refinish Technical Data Sheets

OSSEO, Wis. — Infrared curing times have been added to the technical data sheets for most major automotive refinish paint companies, providing painters more clarity when using short wave and medium wave infrared curing systems.

The technical data sheets (TDS) for Axalta, BASF, PPG and Sherwin-Williams brands now indicate how long paint should be cured with short wave and medium wave infrared (IR) technology, such as REVO Accelerated Curing Systems from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS).

“Most conventional systems are not tested with paint companies, so technicians have to guess when it comes to curing times,” said Jason Garfoot, GFS’ senior technical advisor. “We test REVO Systems with paint companies at our Center for Excellence training facility, and they also do testing with REVO Systems at their own facilities. We work hand-in-hand with paint companies to ensure our equipment does not compromise the integrity of the paint.”

REVO Rapid MC2 tested with Sherwin Williams paints

Increased Comfort for Painters

The addition of infrared curing times to technical data sheets gives technicians assurance that IR technology is safe to use and helps them identify how long to use infrared systems with their specific coating. This also means a paint’s warranty now extends to infrared curing. Painters are covered under the warranty as long as they follow the specifications on the TDS.

“Painters don’t want to take any chances, especially if working on a nicer vehicle,” Garfoot said. “Since infrared curing times are now listed on technical data sheets, you can easily use REVO Systems with no hesitation. You won’t do any damage to the paint.”

REVO Rapid MC2 tested with PPG paints

Additionally, if a new clear coat is released, a technician using IR technology can easily reference the TDS and compare the specifications for curing times to their current clear coat to make a more informed purchasing decision.

Technical data sheets come with the paint and are also available for download on paint companies’ websites.

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