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GFS Performer ES Paint Booth feature

Performer® ES Paint Booth

Economy, Single-Skin, Affordable Paint Booth Description The Performer ES Paint Booth from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) was designed and built with the value-minded shop owner in mind.

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GFS Performer Line Paint Booth

Performer Paint Booth Line

Quality, Affordable Solutions for Painting Automotive Vehicles & Parts The Performer Paint Booth Line from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) provides reliable, cost-effective solutions for painting

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Performer Paint Booth

“The GFS Wave exhaust filters in our paint booth last a long time”

As Bob’s Machine Shop evolved into one of the country’s premier manufacturers of jack plates for boats, their finishing equipment needed an upgrade. A new Performer ES Paint Booth from GFS with long-lasting GFS Wave exhaust filters has Steven Pelini confident in his company’s future, thanks to increased production, shorter lead times and improved efficiency.

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