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GFS Application Products


A leader in paint booth technology, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) manufactures an extensive line of high-performance paint booths for automotive body shops, industrial manufacturers and

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GFS Powder recovery booth

Powder Recovery Booth

For Small- to Medium-Sized Powder Coating Applications Description Ideal for small- to medium-sized batch powder coating applications, Powder Recovery Booths from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) provide

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High-Production Powder Collection Booth by GFS

High-Production Powder Collection Booth

High-Volume Booth for Mass-Production Powder Coating Description Often used in conveyorized powder application systems, High-Production Powder Collection Booths from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) are designed to

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GFS Powder Collection module feature

Powder Collection Modules

Superior Performance for Your Powder Coating Application Description With high-efficiency filtration, fan and motor, Powder Collection Modules from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) deliver superior performance for your powder coating

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GFS Powder non recovery booth

Non-Recovery Powder Booth

For Small Batch Powder Coating Applications Description Non-Recovery Powder Coating Booths from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) are cost-effective finishing environments for small batch powder coating

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GFS Batch Powder Coating System - Prep, Apply, Cure

Batch Powder Coating Systems

Batch Powder Coating Systems High-Quality Equipment for Surface Preparation, Powder Application & Powder Curing Description With a complete line of finishing equipment for batch powder

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