“Improvement has been a part of my life since I started working. When I moved from the Mexico office to the Osseo office eight years ago, I adopted a mindset of improvement, but it wasn’t as strong as it is now. Whatever you are doing, you have to do it better every time. That’s what improvement means to me. It’s not just doing something because you need to do it. It’s doing something because you need to do it well. Every time I have a chance to improve, I go for it. 

“I participated in a project to reduce damage to shipping containers. When there is damage to something we ship overseas, the freight is expensive. I was part of a cross-functional team that developed work instructions to help reduce damages. Since we did that, we haven’t had any damages reported on overseas shipments in the past three years. We have had good feedback from customers, and we haven’t had any issues since then. 

“I am not afraid of change. As the head of my family, I’ve always talked to my kids about how women are part of a new age in which we need to work, and we need to get better. We have the same capability as men. We must succeed, no matter what. No matter what activity you do, you have to do the best you can.” 

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