They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in this case, that village is our accounting department. With tenure up to 35 years, the ladies of GFS accounting have watched — and helped — each other’s kids grow up. From building Valentine’s Day boxes in elementary school to helping plan graduation parties, these women have helped plan and execute everything from family functions to their kids’ weddings over the years.

The accounting group has more than 170 years of combined service with GFS. In fact, almost half of the accounting department’s employees have been with the company since it was known as JBI Spray Booths. Throughout that time, they have created more than 20 years of inside jokes, including Jill-isms and Pam-isms, but the unwavering support from each other, as well as GFS, has kept them feeling like a family.

“GFS has provided us the flexibility to get our work done, whether at home or in the office, during the week or on the weekend,” Pam Berg-Merritt said. “You want to feel like someone’s got your back, and sometimes it really comes down to family first.”

“If things come up and life happens, we are cross-trained enough to be able to cover other people’s work so they can focus on their family,” Carla Gunderson said. “You know somebody will have your back.

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