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Paint Booth FAQs – Part 2

It’s very important to be as informed as possible when you make the commitment to purchase a paint booth. It’s definitely no small investment, as we’ve talked about in this blog before. But how do you take your seemingly endless list of questions and decide where to begin? Well, for starters it’s always a good idea to make an effort to educate yourself as much as possible on the basics of key paint booth issues, so we’ve decided to put together a list of the most commonly asked questions we’ve received from our customers to make the learning process for you a bit easier.

Q. What if a standard booth needs modifications?
A. GFS understands that there will be instances where shop layout, vehicle size, as well as other factors, will require a spray booth to be custom engineered. In these situations, GFS’ staff of engineers and drafters will utilize modeling software such as Inventor, Solid Edges or JAZ CD Draw FP to create a parametric product model of the custom engineered booth. These programs also allow GFS to check both fit, finish and function from a digital prototype.

Q. What is “Economy Mode”?
A. This is an accessory that we add to the GFS Control Panel. The air replacement unit is designed with a variable frequency drive and damper package. This design reduces airflow to 50% during the energy saving mode. This system always uses outside air during the energy saving mode, to ensure good clean air to the booth.

The system also includes an auto-balance system with a variable frequency drive to automatically adjust the airflow of the exhaust fan (s), to ensure proper booth balance. Along with this system is a gun hanger switch, located inside the booth that controls the booth function from paint mode to energy saving mode. When the paint gun is hanging on the hook the booth will automatically switch to the saving mode.

Q. What is a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
A. VFDs have been developed to reduce energy costs on equipment that utilize electric motors. This is accomplished by preventing power spikes during motor startup (soft starts). Most utility rates are calculated at the highest peak rate obtained during use. Controlling these peaks or spikes during motor startup reduces energy costs.

Q. What Codes do GFS spray booths meet?
A. All booths manufactured by GFS, are designed to meet all OSHA Standards, as well as those of NFPA-33. The booth walls themselves are constructed of 18-gauge steel, as per N.F.P.A. Chapter 3, paragraph 3-1.1.  The lights within a three-foot radius of any booth openings are Class I, Division II, Group A,B,C,D, as per N.F.P.A.-33, Chapter 3, figure 3 and paragraph 4-7.4. A manometer (or visible draft gauge) is standard on all booths.  All light fixtures are ETL approved for hazardous locations. All light fixtures are accessible from the interior of the spray booth and conform to the provisions of N.F.P.A. 33. Check with your State and Federal Authorities.

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