The True Costs of Spray Booth Installation

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Unlike a frame machine or compressor, a paint booth purchase is a construction project, and your spray booth manufacturer should prepare you for this reality.

Are you thinking of installing a new spray booth? Are you trying to assemble a budget for it? Perhaps you are borrowing money or financing? Is installation included in your budget numbers? Have you secured the necessary permitting?

The following is a list of cost-associated items that you should be aware of when budgeting for a new paint booth:

Permits: The permit application fee is not the full cost of permitting. Is performance data readily available? Are stamped drawings available? If so, at what additional cost? Is the equipment third-party listed? ETL is the most recognized third-party certification in the U.S. (ETLc is the most recognized in Canada)

Roof/Wall Openings: Who is responsible for these? Who is supplying the curbs/flashings? Be wary of roof warranties. If you or your spray booth installer cuts the roof, are you compromising an existing warranty on the roof? We strongly recommend the original roofer be contacted for this task.

Sprinkler/Fire Suppression: NFPA 33 states that automatic fire suppression is required in a spray booth; however, each local jurisdiction has final authority in this area.

Unloading: Who is going to take the heavy crates off the truck? Is a forklift handy? Who is going to cover these costs?

Rental Equipment for the Job Site: A variety of special tools may be required, including forklifts, skyjacks for high ceilings and for hanging prep station decks, and cranes for rooftop air make-up units (AMUs) and rooftop ductwork.

Pit Excavation: Who is going to cut the floor, form the pit and pour the cement? Do pit plans need to be included with your permit applications? Who will supply the drawings and who will stamp them?

Floor Finish: Are you using epoxy, tile or simple sealing? Who is handling this?

Building Engineering: Does the installation of the paint booth compromise any part of your building? Are you moving walls or cutting holes in structural supports?

Roof Reinforcement: When cutting holes for roof openings, you may be weakening the integrity of the roof. Is support required? Who will engineer the support?

Mechanical Erection of Paint Booth: This is what is typically included under “installation” in your quote. This is simply putting up the cabin of the paint booth and running ductwork to roof openings.

Mechanical Erection of Ducts: Is ductwork included in the installation? What about possible offsets?

Fuel Source: Most spray booth burners are at least 1 million BTU. Is your gas supply adequate? How far away is the source? If it is a long run, you may need a welder to weld joints.

Power Source: Do you have adequate power? Do you have three-phase or single-phase power?

Air Source: Air is required for the dampers and spray gun. Is your paint booth installer running air into your spray booth? Is the installer including a regulator?

Fuel Hookup: To hook these up requires Gas Fitter I certification. Does your paint booth installer or gasman carry this certification? Is the installer connecting the gas or is it your responsibility?

Power Hookup: Is the paint booth installer doing this or is it your responsibility?

Electrical and Pneumatic Controls: These controls are typically included in the purchase price of the paint booth. It is best to verify this with your spray booth manufacturer.

Supply Air Line Solenoid: This is required by all authorities. Who is supplying it? Who is installing it?

Burner/Booth Connecting Duct: Who is supplying it? Who is installing it?

Tubes for Light Fixtures: Who is supplying them? Who is installing them?

System Start-Up: Third party-approved paint booths require a factory start-up. Is this included in your purchase price? If the spray booth manufacturer claims third-party certification, the manufacturer should be including this service in the installation or selling this service to you, in order to satisfy the listing authority.

Disposal of Waste and Leftovers: Is the spray booth manufacturer going to clean up the crates and leftovers after installation? Is the manufacturer going to handle waste removal?

Out-of-Town Expenses: Are these required? If so, are they included in your purchase price?

You shouldn’t be scared by the prospect of purchasing a new paint booth, but you should be prepared, otherwise you are exposed to a slew of potential liabilities. Doing your due diligence when purchasing a paint booth can save you money and help you avoid getting stuck with substantial additional costs that you had no idea were coming.

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