Problem Solved — Energy-Efficient, High-Production Solution for South Barrie Collision

GFS High Production Automotive spray booths

Providing the perfect solution for a busy shop

Alec Smales of South Barrie Collision of Barrie, Ontario, Canada knew exactly what he wanted when he began planning his facility: HIGH PRODUCTION and ENERGY EFFICIENCY. In operation since 2006, South Barrie Collision puts through a staggering average of 500 cars per month, and this is made possible by energy-efficient and high-production ECO waterborne-ready paint booths and CTOF prep stations by GFS.

This shop features 3 side-by-side ‘ECO EXPERT’ downdraft paint booths, equipped with AdvanceCure accelerated airflow systems in order to provide the fastest drying times for waterborne paints, which are mandated for use by all body shops in Canada. The shop also has 4 dual-bay CTOF paint booth/prep stations capable of full spray/cure, and two ULTRA paint mix rooms.

In addition to being extremely high-production, the shop is also spraying waterborne paints. When coupled with the energy-savings provided by the ECO paint booths, this makes the shop one of the most environmentally-friendly shops in the country. This was one of the driving forces behind Mr. Smales choice of spray booth equipment. “GFS was the only manufacturer that was able to provide us with a spreadsheet document showing the efficiency of their ECO booths when compared with traditional designs.” says Smales.

Installation of the equipment, as well as service and maintenance, is provided by Ontario Spray Booth, GFS’ official auto refinish distributor in the province of Ontario. Together with Ontario Spray Booth, GFS is excited to have provided such an effective solution for South Barrie Collision, and is proud that our ECO paint booths have allowed South Barrie to become so successful!

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