Professional Engineering Stamps — A Crucial Concern

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, code compliance is an important part of the process of purchasing and installing a paint booth. To receive approval for installation, your booth must meet all of the safety and legal requirements that apply to your city, state and country.

Some states or local jurisdictions require stamped drawings of your booth(s), ensuring that the equipment is engineered to meet or exceed the applicable codes. The best place to go to for stamped drawings is the manufacturer of your paint booth, provided the manufacturer has a licensed professional engineer on staff.

In order to stamp a drawing, an engineer must have obtained PE (Professional Engineer) licensure, and must be licensed in the state indicated on that stamp. If the manufacturer of your paint booth does not have any PEs on staff, it could quickly become very difficult and/or costly for you to obtain the stamped drawings that you need for installation approval.

At GFS, for example, we recognize how crucial it is for us to have as part of our team an experienced, talented and licensed engineering staff. Five of our engineers have pursued PE licensure, giving the ability to provide licensure in a total of 32 U.S. states and three Canadian provinces. In the remaining states and provinces, GFS can easily outsource to an established engineer for a PE stamp. Our PEs may apply for stamps in those areas or contract out for this service. In the event that outsourcing for a PE stamp is necessary, additional time is usually required to obtain these stamps.

Here is a map showing the regions in which GFS has the ability to provide a PE stamp from one of our own engineers (dark blue areas) and those regions in which we can obtain a PE stamp from a third-party Professional Engineer in the local area:


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