Problem Solved — Sanding & Prep Booth for the A-10 Warthog

GFS aircraft prep booth

Hill Air Force Base (AFB) was in need of a multi-function prep booth for sanding, masking and prepping A-10 aircraft for painting. The booth needed to allow another aircraft to partially invade the perimeter of the insert due to space constraints. Also called the “Warthog”, the A-10 was used in Iraq as a tank and vehicle killer.

Global Finishing Solutions was responsible for the design and construction of a paint booth, structural support system and air moving equipment. The recirculated air is removed at the rear of the booth and then ducted to the plenums at the front ceiling of the booth. Flexible sidewalls are on a motorized actuator so they can be easily opened.

The paint booth consisted of a spray paint booth insert, particulate filter rack and 3-stage filters, cantilevered ceiling system with lighting, flexible wall system with actuator, air moving equipment and fire protection.

Booth Size: 70 ft. wide x 70 ft. deep x 18 ft. high

Airflow: 70,000 cfm

In addition to the main sanding and prep booth for the A-10 aircraft, GFS also supplied smaller paint booths designed for painting small parts and components for the A-10’s stationed at Hill AFB.

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