Problem Solved — Saving Time and Energy at Laney’s Collision Center


Laneys01 copyLaney’s Collision Center of El Dorado, AR has been well known in the area since 1939. When the shop was purchased by Johnny Griffin, he retained the name and continued operations. Laney’s underwent a major overhaul in 2010, at which time they built a new 14,000 sq. foot shop.

This new expansion included new paint booths, AdvanceCure, prep stations and mix rooms manufactured by GFS. The old shop space that is adjacent to the new shop is now used for body work only, and painting is done exclusively in the new shop.

From left: Johnny Griffin, Craig Griffin, Lane Griffin, and GFS Distributor Tom Warren

From left: Johnny Griffin, Craig Griffin, Lane Griffin, and GFS Distributor Tom Warren

Waterborne paints were one of the driving factors behind the 2010 update. Production time is a major consideration that demands attention by any shop when making the transition to waterborne, but owner Johnny Griffin knew that production is only one half of the equation, and the quality of the final finish is the other. “When we switched to waterborne paints earlier this year, we found GFS AdvanceCure modules to be very beneficial on our larger jobs!” says Griffin.

Dual-Bay CTOF Booth

Dual-bay CTOF booth

Ultra Paint Booth Interior

Interior of one of the Ultra paint booths


Dual-Bay CTOF Paint Booth

Dual-bay CTOF paint booth

Body shop with Ultra paint booth

The exterior of the shop, looking into an Ultra paint booth

Laney’s has 25 employees and prides themselves in providing their employees with a clean, safe working environment. They have included an built in vacuum system within the new shop which allow them to keep the booths extra clean, and have protective floor coverings for all the booths and prep areas. With three painters and four people doing the prep work, they paint on average of 40 to 45 vehicles per week, most of which are passenger cars and trucks up to 12 feet in height.

GFS Products Purchased & Installed at Laney’s Collision Center:

  • 3 Ultra paint booths
  • 2 Dual CTOF prep stations
  • 2 Ultra Mix rooms
  • AdvanceCure System in one booth

Laney’s GFS equipment was sold and installed by the team at Warren & Associates.

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