GFS Announces Advancements in Their Automotive Paint Booth Line

Building off the success of the Ultra and Performer booth products, Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) has restructured their line of automotive paint booths, prep environments and mix rooms to fall under these two product ‘families’.

GFS Ultra XP1 Paint Booth

GFS Ultra XP1 Automotive Paint Booth

Ultra paint booths remain GFS’ premium offerings, providing excellent quality and performance, and now with added features. Unlike any paint booths in the marketplace, Ultra booths include advanced features such as a full-ceiling plenum, GFS’ exclusive controlled airflow ceiling, floor track leveling and intuitive controls for superior airflow, lighting and energy efficiency.

GFS’ Ultra paint booth family includes 4 booth models:

GFS Performer XP1 Paint Booth

GFS Performer XP1 Automotive Paint Booth

Performer paint booths were designed to meet the needs of value-minded shops, offering reliable performance at an affordable price. GFS has expanded this popular booth line to include two new models — a fully optioned booth and an economy booth. With many of the key features that you expect to find in top-of-the-line booths, GFS Performer booths set the new standard for economy paint booths.

GFS’ Performer paint booth family includes 3 booth models:

GFS’ automotive refinish paint booth line now includes 4 Ultra booth models and 3 Performer booth models, available in multiple airflow configurations.

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