Ultra Ceiling Options

Achieving Even Distribution of Air Throughout Your Spray Booth

Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) paint booths are designed for the most consistent airflow through the booth. The majority of our automotive refinish booths feature a 2-foot-high, ceiling-over-plenum design. The 2-foot height provides more room for building sufficient air volume. A full-width ceiling plenum allows for less static pressure and even air distribution from the plenum to the cabin.

It is important to provide a clean, even flow of air around the vehicle or parts being painted. A large plenum builds sufficient air volume necessary to create the even, linear, plenum-to-pit airflow.


Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) is dedicated to providing high-quality spray booths to a wide variety of industries — including aerospace, automotive refinish, manufacturing and woodworking businesses. GFS strives to meet the unique needs of every customer with pre-engineered and custom solutions for paint application across the globe.

Ultra® Paint Booth Ceiling Options

Controlled Airflow Ceiling

A key feature of GFS’ premium Edge™ and Ultra® spray booths is the Controlled Airflow Ceiling. This patented, exclusive ceiling design was engineered to maximize the effectiveness of downdraft airflow models.

The main airflow zone creates a protective envelope of air around the vehicle, while secondary airflow zones prevent overspray from collecting on the booth walls and keep contaminants away from the paint job. In between these airflow zones are strategically placed ceiling lights. Lights are located directly above the sides of the vehicle being painted for optimal illumination. GFS’ Controlled Airflow Ceiling systems also feature hinged filter racks that swing down, for inserting new filters into the ceiling filter grid.

GFS patented CAF ceiling for GFS Ultra Paint Booths and CTOF

High-Performance Airflow Ceiling

A classic design, GFS’ High-Performance Airflow Ceiling is simple in its construction and concept, yet yields impressive performance. The full-filtered ceiling provides excellent air filtration and contamination control, and integrated hip-style ceiling lights illuminate where you need it most. The High-Performance Airflow Ceiling also features easy replacement for inserting new filters into the ceiling filter grid.

GFS HPAC ceiling for Ultra Paint Booths
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