Problem Solved – Bigger, Better Paint Booth for Auto Body Shop

Fifaldi Motors

Michael Cifaldi of Cifaldi Motors in Cumberland, Wisconsin knew it was time to replace their aging, small paint booth. They had their old booth for 25-30 years and it was used when they purchased it.

“Our old booth was basically falling apart,” Cifaldi said.

And ‘falling apart’ is not an exaggeration. When they began taking down the old booth, Cifaldi and their painter, Travis, actually fell through the booth.

The old booth was also causing issues with the overall quality of their paint jobs.

“It was starting to rot and we weren’t able to keep all of the dust and other particles out,” Cifaldi said. “We were getting some fisheyes in our paint jobs.”

In addition to quality, size was an issue with their old booth. It wasn’t long enough to paint a full truck.

“With the old booth, our painter could only paint part of a truck and then have to move the truck to finish the paint job,” Cifaldi said.

Michael’s father, Bob Cifaldi, owner of Cifaldi Motors contacted their equipment rep, Don Putney of Collision Equipment Experts to purchase a new booth. He was in search of a booth that was longer and would allow for better quality paint jobs, but not break the bank. They decided on a Performer ES semi-downdraft paint booth.

Performer ES paint booth

Since installing their new booth, Michael said they have noticed cleaner, better paint jobs.

“Tight seals on the new booth prevent dust and other particles from getting into our paint jobs,” Cifaldi said. “We no longer get fisheyes.”

Performer ES semi-downdraft paint booth

With a bigger booth, they are able to get jobs done quicker and easier. No more moving vehicles and parts around to paint all sides.

“Our painter can paint a truck and bumper all at once, which saves us time,” Cifaldi said.

Cifaldi Motors paint booth

Cifaldi brothers – Patrick & Michael, and painter Travis

In addition to improving quality and efficiency, the new booth has improved shop morale.

“I believe the new booth has made our painter’s job more enjoyable,” Cifaldi said. “It’s much brighter and cleaner. Everyone likes new stuff.”

Performer ES paint booth

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