GFS Opens New Center for Excellence Training Facility

GFS Center for Excellence

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS), a world leader in innovation for paint booths and finishing systems technologies, recently opened the doors of a new state-of-the-art training and product R&D center. The innovative Center for Excellence allows GFS to demonstrate the advantages of its most advanced, game-changing systems while also teaching proper use, tips and safety techniques.


The training facility was meticulously designed with full preparation and paint areas to closely mirror a working body shop. GFS equipment in the facility include: a dual-bay downdraft Ultra XR CTOF booth integrated with the REVO Rapid OR2 curing system, Ultra XR downdraft paint booth with REVO Speed, Aluminum Repair Station and two Ultra XD paint mix rooms. This new facility allows users to see how REVO Systems significantly reduce cycle time.

IMG_0688.JPG GFS Equipment: Aluminum Repair Station, dual-bay Ultra XR CTOF, Ultra XR paint booth and Ultra XD paint mix room

GFS opened the doors of the Center for Excellence for the first time on Tuesday, Sept. 13 to a group of 60 distributors. As part of an annual distributor meeting, GFS distributors participated in sales trainings and discussions, and attended demonstrations of all REVO Systems in the new body shop training center throughout the week.

“It was important for us to bring our distributors to this new facility to provide hands-on training of our equipment, especially the new REVO Systems. This breakthrough technology needs to be experienced in person in order to see how it can significantly improve paint shop throughput,” said Brandon Lowder, Vice President of Auto Refinish Sales at Global Finishing Solutions. “By providing our internal sales staff and distributor partners with this in-depth training on our products, we are able to better serve our customers.”

In addition to training employees and distributors, GFS plans to open the facility to customers, local paint jobbers, paint companies, collision center consolidators and MSOs, and local body shop associations. If you are interested in touring the new facility or for REVO product demonstrations and training, please contact us at

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