Parts & Support You Can Count on with REVO Accelerated Curing Systems

An excellent way to increase your shop’s throughput is by implementing infrared (IR) curing technology into your body repair and painting processes. By rapidly curing body filler, primer and coatings, IR systems can reduce repair times by hours and free up your technicians to work on other projects.

There are a variety of IR curing products on the market — ranging from electric to gas catalytic, and small handheld units to full-arch systems that are designed to cure an entire vehicle. When selecting an IR system for your shop, it’s not only important to understand how the technology works, but shops should also be aware of how the IR curing company you select handles training and service, and what kind of access you will have to replacement parts.

Faster Shipping & Installation

REVO electric IR curing systems from GFS are stocked in the United States, ready to order and ship to the customer’s site. Systems can ship anywhere in North America quickly, often arriving at the customer facility two to three days after the order is placed. Currently, there are many REVO Speed, Rapid, Spot and Handheld models ready to ship from GFS’ facility in Osseo, Wisconsin. In addition to faster shipping times, GFS provides installation for booth-integrated REVO Rapid and Speed models through its experienced distribution network.

Training to Maximize Curing & Productivity Benefits

GFS provides extensive, onsite training for all customers that purchase a REVO Speed. Over the course of three to four days, we will train your technicians on how to properly use the equipment, as well as help improve your shop’s process flow to maximize efficiency and throughput. GFS also makes learning how to use any REVO System simple by providing demos at the Center for Excellence and detailed training manuals for the easy-to-use REVO Handheld, Spot and Rapid.

Excellent Service & Support

Since REVO Systems are backed by GFS’ technical services department and extensive distribution network, REVO customers have access to high-quality service and support. REVO customers benefit from GFS’ experienced distributors and trained technical services representatives to troubleshoot issues and determine the right solution, quickly and easily.

Easier Access to Replacement Parts

Spare parts for all REVO models are readily available at GFS’ U.S. facility, and can be shipped overnight to the customer if needed. Unlike other IR curing systems — whose parts need to be ordered and stocked in advance by shop owners or shipped from overseas — REVO Systems provide easy access to replacement parts, decreasing costly downtime and eliminating the need for shops to store backup parts.

Whether you need a part or simply have an operating question, you want to know that someone will be available to help you get your unit back to working at its full potential quickly. Your decision to invest in an electric IR curing system is likely based on ROI, decreased cure times and increased paint shop throughput. However, faster shipping times and easy access to service, training and parts are crucial to minimizing downtime in your paint shop, allowing you to achieve all these objectives and see increased customer satisfaction.

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