Why Should I Use Strippable Protective Coatings in My Paint Booth?

Strippable paint booth coatings have become increasingly popular in the finishing world, but you still may be wondering why these are necessary or even helpful. Peelable protective coatings for your spray booth offer outstanding coverage to protect your investment, shop and employees. Simple application and fast removal save valuable time and make it easy to keep your booth walls and floors clean so you can achieve high-quality paint finishes. It’s no wonder why these strippable coatings are taking the industry by storm.

Protect Your Investment

When you purchase a new car, you might invest in heavy-duty floor mats, seat covers, service plans or cash wash packages to extend the life and quality of your new car. Similarly, when you invest in a spray booth, you want to make it last in top-quality condition as long as you can — this is where strippable paint booth protective coatings can help. By using strippable booth coatings, your spray booth will not only be cleaner but it will last longer too.

Applying Booth Shield in paint booth

When parts and vehicles are painted in a spray booth, most of the paint contacts the part, but the remainder may land on the the booth’s walls, floor and lights. This is known as “overspray.” Over time, if not properly cleaned, overspray can form a thick accumulation on paint booth surfaces. Accumulation of overspray is hazardous when left untreated, as wet paint underneath the dry surface can create a flammability hazard and possibly even lead to spontaneous combustion. Removing paint overspray before it can create a fire hazard is key to protecting your investment, and keeping your shop and employees safe.

Keep Your Shop & Employees Safe

In addition to paint, overspray accumulation on spray booth walls and floors contains dust and dirt, which can be hazardous to your employees and affect the quality of your paint jobs. When the booth is in spray mode and fans are running, the dirt and dust can be lifted from the walls and floor and circulated throughout the booth, creating an inhalation hazard for unprotected workers as well as contaminating the paint job. Overspray also frequently reduces employee visibility in the booth.

Temporary, strippable spray booth coatings help trap overspray to protect spray booth surfaces, and keep your employees and facility safe from fire hazards and overspray inhalation. A brighter, cleaner, safer booth also leads to improved employee morale.

Better Quality Paint Finishes

Investing in a quality paint booth for your shop is a great way to increase your repair quality and overall throughput. To keep your repairs in top-notch condition, protecting your booth is necessary. Strippable coatings protect the surfaces in your booth, and are available in clear and white — providing options to suit white pre-coated or galvanized booths to boost visibility when working. White walls are more reflective, creating a brighter spraying environment and aiding in precise paint application. Ultimately, this may reduce the amount of rework needed, number of paint booth cleanings and overall fire hazards, which will reduce costly mistakes and possible injuries.

Save Valuable Time & Hassle

GFS Booth Shield Cans

The easy application and quick removal of peelable paint booth coatings make it easy to keep the booth walls and floors clean. Simply spray or roll the coating onto your surface and build to the thickness you need. Most wall applications are complete after just one coat, and floor coatings can withstand heavy-duty traffic after just two layers. This saves valuable time so technicians can focus on painting and getting more vehicles through the shop. The coatings are easier to remove than traditional paper too — to peel off surfaces, just score the edges and easily remove and dispose of overspray accumulation normally.

Peelable booth protection, Booth Shield® wall and floor coatings from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) create a safer spraying environment by trapping overspray that collects on booth walls. It helps keep your shop and employees safe, provides better quality paint finishes and saves valuable time and hassle.

Want to know more about Booth Shield strippable coatings?

GFS has a complete line of Booth Shield products to protect your paint booth's floors and walls.

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