7 Paint Booth Accessories & Services to Make Life Easier

We’re always looking for ways to simplify our lives, whether personally or professionally. On a professional level, businesses are continually looking at ways to improve their operations. They implement processes to cut costs, increase productivity, improve quality and increase efficiency. In the paint shop, this can be done by investing in products to reduce waste and increase throughput. We’ve identified seven products that are designed to make life in the paint shop much easier.

1. Paint Booth Gun Holders & Storage Cabinets

Eliminate time-consuming, contaminant-introducing trips in and out of your paint booth during a paint job. Our full line of paint booth gun holders and storage cabinets allow for convenient access to commonly-used painting supplies, such as spray guns, tape, air hoses, rags and more. Featuring heavy-duty magnets, Boothboxes™ and Gunhangers™ can be placed securely anywhere inside the paint booth or mix room.

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2. Strippable Booth Coating & Floor Paper

Protect your booth walls and floors with strippable booth coatings and floor paper. These products prevent overspray from collecting on your booth walls and floor, providing superior protection for a safer spray environment. Once it has become filthy, simply peel off and discard, saving you time and energy.

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3. REVO Handheld

Developed to improve overall efficiency, REVO Accelerated Curing Systems can increase shop throughput by up to 80 percent. By quickly curing filler and coatings from the inside out, REVO Systems save time and improve results.

REVO Systems use short wave electric infrared technology to deliver consistent, controlled heat, fast dry time and complete cure with high-quality results. The REVO Handheld is a powerful, lightweight tool ideal for fast spot repairs and can also be used for a variety of applications.

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4. Access Turntable

Another way to easily move paint supplies in and out of an automotive paint booth is with a Rotating Booth Access Turntable. Installed into the wall connecting your paint booth and mix room, the rotating turntable allows for quick transfer of premixed paint and supplies. One technician can be mixing paint or preparing supplies while another technician is spraying, increasing productivity and throughput.

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5. Parts Hanging System

Get rid of your clunky parts hanging racks. Installed into your automotive paint booth ceiling, GFS’ Parts Hanging System allows for quick and easy parts painting. The sturdy construction of the system ensures the parts stay put, while the easily adjustable racks make positioning a breeze. The deluxe track system can be moved around the booth for added flexibility.

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6. Grate Lifting Tool

If you have a downdraft booth, lifting heavy floor grates to change exhaust filters can be a time-consuming and exhausting task. To make this process easier, GFS developed the Grate Lifting Tool. This handy tool has a hook on the end for quick, easy lifting and moving the grate. It not only saves you time but prevents your fingers from getting pinched and your back from being strained.

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7. Paint Booth Preventative Maintenance Programs

If you don’t already have a paint booth preventative maintenance program in place, now is to time to develop one or work with your local distributor or paint booth manufacturer to invest in one. Paint booth preventative maintenance programs can be developed and tailored to your specific needs and include services such as filter replacement, emergency repairs, scheduled maintenance visits and more. These type of programs help to find any issues before they become much bigger, more expensive issues. They also help to ensure your booth is running in peak condition at all times, which extends the life of your equipment and improves the quality of your paint finishes.

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