paint booth grating

Booth Grating

GFS’ heavy-duty steel grating allows the painter to safely walk on top of the pit. We offer replacement grating for all downdraft paint booths, and will work with you to find the right grating replacement for your booth or other finishing equipment.

Auto Refinish Grating


Standard Grating for Auto Refinish Booths
Spray Booth Grating

Grate Lifting Tool


Replacing exhaust filters in your downdraft paint booth is easy with GFS’ exclusive Grate Lifting Tool. This handy tool does the heavy lifting for you, picking up heavy floor grates so you can quickly and easily change the filters. Made from heavy-duty metal for durability.

  • Max Weight Load: 260 lbs
  • For booth grating only
Want to learn more about paint booth grating?
Let us know your product requirements, and we will put you in touch with a distributor in your area.


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