Problem Solved — Custom Wood Painting Operation Increases Throughput with Larger Shop and New GFS Finishing Equipment

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A family-owned business since 1970, Balzer Painting was originally established by Dennis Balzer. Since its conception, Balzer Painting has grown exponentially and stably, with many of the team members working there for 20 or more years. Recently, Dennis passed the family business onto his son, Ben.

Dennis and Ben built the business with a twofold mission: to create flawless finishes and prefinishes for both off-site and on-site woodworking projects. For off-site projects, Balzer works with clients at their home, office or cabin. The work varies widely in complexity and detail, from small woodworking projects to a 10-month painting project on a 13,000-square-foot house. On-site projects include producing or finishing custom wood, cabinets, doors and windows in their shop for installation at a later time.

In an effort to expand and improve the on-site portion of their business mission, the Balzer family decided in November 2016 to build a new, larger facility. The primary goal of their new shop was to increase production and expand their product offerings for their customers. To help make that goal a reality, Balzer introduced a few new paint booths to the mix.

Upon researching new finishing equipment, Ben landed on Global Finishing Solutions (GFS). He was impressed by the company’s extensive history, great reputation and product quality, as well as their competitiveness in the industry. Balzer Painting ultimately purchased three new GFS Large Equipment Paint Booths through Finishing Consultants, a GFS distributor. Thanks to the excellent installation and support provided by the distributor combined with high-quality equipment, the new booths provide an efficient, contaminant-free environment to prime, finish, topcoat and dry their custom paints and stains.

By expanding their operation in Tualatin, Oregon, improving throughput and increasing their product offerings, Balzer Painting is better positioned to serve their customers throughout the Portland area. Now, six months into the new shop and paint booth usage, Balzer Painting is committed to improving the quality of their products, as well as finding good partners to work with. Balzer relies on their GFS paint booths for performing flawless paint finishes on millwork, doors, windows, cabinets and furniture, and GFS is honored to be one of their partners.

Update – Posted on June 27, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. 

Balzer Painting graciously allowed GFS to arrange for a photoshoot of their woodworking and painting operation. Here is a glimpse of the photoshoot:

Photos by Bruce MacGregor Photography


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