Protect Your Paint Booth and Increase Quality with Booth Shield® Strippable Protective Coatings

Strippable paint booth coatings are becoming increasingly popular, offering outstanding coverage to protect your equipment, shop and employees. It is easy to keep the walls and floors of your booth clean with the simple application and fast removal of peelable protective coatings.

Booth Shield from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) creates a safer spraying environment by trapping the overspray that collects on booth walls. With Booth Shield, you can save valuable time, avoid unnecessary hassle and achieve better-quality paint finishes.

Contain Overspray, Ensure Worker Safety

Temporary, strippable booth coatings not only keep your paint booth cleaner, they help your booth last longer. Overspray forms a thick accumulation on paint booth surfaces when not properly cleaned. The risk of ignition — and possibly even spontaneous combustion — is introduced when wet paint exists beneath a dry surface.

Overspray also contains dust and dirt, which reduces visibility in the booth. The particles can be lifted from the walls and floor and circulated throughout the booth when fans are running with the booth in spray mode, creating an inhalation hazard for unprotected workers. Overspray becomes trapped in the strippable coating and can be easily removed before it becomes hazardous with Booth Shield, which lasts as many as 700 booth cycles.

Improve Paint Finish Quality

Strippable coatings are available in clear and white, suitable for white pre-coated or galvanized booths. They boost visibility and aid in precise paint application, since white walls are more reflective and create a brighter spraying environment. Rework is reduced and the frequency of cleaning required for your booth is decreased.

Easy Application Saves Valuable Time

To apply Booth Shield, simply spray or roll the coating onto your surface and build to the thickness you need. The product can be thinned so that the consistency is similar to Cool Whip® — adding 60 ounces of water to a 5-gallon bucket of Booth Shield makes it spray easier.

Spraying Booth Shield does not require an exact finish, like painting a car does. Most wall applications of Booth Shield need only one coat, while two layers are enough for floor coatings to withstand heavy-duty traffic.

Simple Removal and Cleanup

Removing the coatings is easier than removing traditional paper — they quickly peel off after the edges are scored. This saves time for technicians, freeing them to focus on painting and getting more vehicles through the shop.

Want to know more about Booth Shield?

GFS has a complete line of Booth Shield products for your paint booth's floors and walls.

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