“Spraying in a GFS paint booth has become a competitive advantage for us.”

Woodworking paint booth

ZK Painting
📍Coventry, Rhode Island

Zach Kenney recently took his woodworking business to the next level with the purchase of a new Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) General Purpose Paint Booth.

Please introduce your business and tell us your story:

I started residential painting when I was 14. When I was working for other people, I always felt rushed — like I couldn’t do a high-quality job. That’s how I started my business.

ZK Painting officially started seven years ago, and the business has boomed in the past three years. Now, we are making a name for ourselves by performing the highest quality painting services in our area. That’s my goal, to be synonymous with the best quality work.

Before purchasing the General Purpose Paint Booth, we had an open face booth with a room around it. It was not ideal for refinishing cabinets for our residential customers. We also refinish front doors with Fine Paints of Europe, so we needed a more high-quality paint booth for the finish quality we were looking for.

What GFS equipment did you purchase and how has it benefited your business?

We purchased a General Purpose Paint Booth with pre-coated white panels. It is attractive in a lot of situations, and it has become a competitive advantage for us. I can take parts of a project off-site and work on them in the shop. It’s been awesome.

“Our new GFS paint booth has allowed us to offer more services off-site. This can speed up timelines for contractors. We are able to stay out of people’s hair, not taking up so much space in their home. It has been really nice to be able to do both types of work.”

How did you decide on GFS equipment?

I did some homework, and it was the highest quality I could find. You get what you pay for, and we were looking for high-quality finishes. It wasn’t the cheapest, and that was attractive to me.

My local sales rep — Paul Parillo of Collision Center Design — was very helpful. That was a big part of it too, having a local sales representative.

What is your plan for the future of your business?

Our current facility is 1,200 square feet. I would like to expand to a larger facility. Eventually, I would also like to add a downdraft paint booth with heat for the best quality finish possible.

Want to learn more about Woodworking Paint Booths?

Woodworking Paint Booths from Global Finishing Solutions start as low as $3,410.

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