How Preventative Maintenance Can Keep Your Industrial Conveyor Running Smoothly

For industrial manufacturers with conveyor systems in their paint operation, an effective preventative maintenance plan can often be the difference between running at peak efficiency and suffering through costly downtime.

Routine preventative maintenance on your paint line conveyor system extends the lifespan of the equipment and reduces the cost of expediting replacement parts. Proper cleaning also helps ensure the desired output of parts passing through the paint line conveyor system, and when your system is operating efficiently, energy savings can be achieved.

Here are five preventative maintenance tips to keep your industrial paint line conveyor system in top shape:

1. Conduct Daily Checks on Your Paint Line Conveyor System

One of the easiest things you can do to ensure the health of your paint line conveyor system is to inspect it daily, using a checklist for reference. In addition to looking for signs of wear and tear, grease or liquid drippings and unusual noise are indicators of a worn or failing part.

Performing the daily check while the paint line conveyor system is running enables you to see if something looks out of place or hear if something sounds different. It is best for the inspection to occasionally be conducted by someone who is not around the conveyor system every day, as a fresh set of eyes can sometimes uncover overlooked problems.

2. Document Your Paint Line Conveyor System’s Maintenance Checks

Keeping an accurate record of maintenance checks on your paint line conveyor system is essential to pinpoint when parts need to be replaced or equipment needs to be repaired. Detailed records should be kept regarding equipment repairs, replaced parts and maintenance activities — similar to the records that a car dealership keeps of repair work on your vehicle. When your paint line conveyor system undergoes planned outages for thorough cleaning and more extensive maintenance checks, detailed maintenance records will help you prioritize which areas of your system require the most attention.

3. Clean Your Paint Line Conveyor System Regularly

Industrial manufacturing facilities are not always the cleanest places, making paint line conveyor systems susceptible to contaminants. Since powder or paint are sometimes sprayed as parts pass through the spray booth portion of a conveyor system, overspray can be a factor as well.

With your paint line conveyor system offline, remove dust, dirt and debris. Also, look for pockets of built-up liquid paint in your conveyor system. Regularly cleaning your conveyor system can help prevent bigger, costlier problems down the road.

4. If Your Paint Line Conveyor System Has a Problem, Fix It Right Away

Maintenance issues with capital equipment do not magically resolve on their own. If left unattended, a small problem, such as a worn-out part that continues to deteriorate, can quickly escalate, potentially compromising your entire paint line conveyor system.

Comprehensive checks of your paint line conveyor system should be performed quarterly and annually, but more routine checks — monthly, weekly and/or daily — are needed to identify more pressing problems with your system.

5. Keep Critical Paint Line Conveyor System Parts on Hand

Breakdowns in your paint line conveyor system can bring production to a grinding halt — and every day that your system is down could cost your business thousands of dollars in potential revenue. If possible, you should keep a supply of critical parts on hand to help your business avoid or reduce downtime.

Establishing a sustainable preventative maintenance schedule is best for the long-term health of your paint line conveyor system. Routine preventative maintenance can save you time and money, with monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance checks to keep your system operating in prime condition.

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