paint booth ductwork


Roof Ventilator

The design of a roof ventilator provides automatic protection against rain, snow and backdrafts for the exhaust system, paint booth and operator. All sizes are constructed from galvanized steel. Requires some assembly and may require connector rings (sold separately).
Part No. Dimension
DU-ARV-10 10″
DU-ARV-12 12″
DU-ARV-18 18″
DU-ARV-24 24″
DU-ARV-30 30″
DU-ARV-34 34″
DU-ARV-36 36″
DU-ARV-40 40″
DU-ARV-42 42″
DU-ARV-48 48″

Exhaust Duct

An exhaust duct comes with a straight, 3-foot-long section, with one end corrugated for easy installation. All sizes are constructed from galvanized steel and require some assembly.
Part No. Part No. (with Clean-Out Door) Dimension
DU-PLP-10-3 DU-PLP-10-3-CO 10″
DU-PLP-12-3 DU-PLP-12-3-CO 12″
DU-PLP-18-3 DU-PLP-18-3-CO 18″
DU-PLP-24-3 DU-PLP-24-3-CO 24″
DU-PLP-30-3 DU-PLP-30-3-CO 30″
DU-PLP-34-3 DU-PLP-34-3-CO 34″
DU-PLP-36-3 DU-PLP-36-3-CO 36″
DU-PLP-40-3 DU-PLP-40-3-CO 40″
DU-PLP-42-3 DU-PLP-42-3-CO 42″
DU-PLP-48-3 DU-PLP-48-3CO 48″

Spiral Duct

Sold by the foot, spiral ducts are available in 2- to 8-foot lengths. All sizes are constructed from galvanized steel and require connector rings on each end (sold separately).

Part No. Dimension
DU-SPP-10 10”
DU-SPP-12 12”
DU-SPP-18 18”
DU-SPP-24 24”
DU-SPP-30 30”
DU-SPP-34 34”
DU-SPP-36 36”
DU-SPP-40 40”
DU-SPP-42 42”
DU-SPP-48 48”

Connector Rings

Connector rings are used for connecting an exhaust fan to other exhaust system stack components. One connector ring is supplied with fan assemblies.

Ductwork connection component
Part No. Dimension
409-110 10”
409-112 12”
409-118 18”
409-124 24”
409-130 30”
409-134 34”
409-136 36”
409-140 40”
409-142 42”
409-148 48”

Exhaust Stack Kits

Exhaust stack kits include three 3-foot plain exhaust duct sections, one 3-foot universal stack with access door and one roof ventilator.

Part No.Part No. (with Roof Flange)Dimension

Roof Flanges

GFS recommends a custom curb on a roof pitch that exceeds 4 by 12 inches. Roof flanges are not recommended for corrugated metal roofs.

Part No. (Flat) Part No. (Pitched) Dimension
DU-FRF-10-WC 10″
DU-FRF-12-WC DU-PRF-12-___-WC 12″
DU-FRF-18-WC DU-PRF-18-___-WC 18″
DU-FRF-24-WC DU-PRF-24-___-WC 24″
DU-FRF-30-WC DU-PRF-30-___-WC 30″
DU-FRF-34-WC DU-PRF-34-___-WC 34″
DU-FRF-36-WC DU-PRF-36-___-WC 36″
DU-FRF-40-WC DU-PRF-40-___-WC 40″
DU-FRF-42-WC DU-PRF-42-___-WC 42″
DU-FRF-48-WC DU-PRF-48-___-WC 48″


Elbows with full-radius throat and pipe diameter design allow for a smooth interior surface. With minimized airflow resistance, turbulence and exhaust air noise management, elbows are superior and can be utilized in most applications. All sizes are constructed from galvanized steel and may require connector rings on each end (sold separately).

Elbow Ductwork
Part No. (45 degrees) Part No. (90 degrees) Dimension
DU-E45M-10 DU-E90M-10 10″
DU-E45M-12 DU-E90M-12 12″
DU-E45M-18 DU-E90M-18 18″
DU-E45M-24 DU-E90M-24 24″
DU-E45M-30 DU-E90M-30 30″
DU-E45M-34 DU-E90M-34 34″
DU-E45M-36 DU-E90M-36 36″
DU-E45M-40 DU-E90M-40 40″
DU-E45M-42 DU-E90M-42 42″
DU-E45M-48 DU-E90M-48 48″

Access Doors

An access door is a removable door for inspecting and cleaning ductwork and exhaust fans. The access door price is not included in the duct price unless indicated.
Ductwork access door
Part No.Dimension
DU-SDD-171817″ to 18″
DU-SDD-222422″ to 24″
DU-SDD-293229″ to 32″
DU-SDD-333633″ to 36″
DU-SDD-374037″ to 40″
DU-SDD-414441″ to 44″
DU-SDD-454845″ to 48″
DU-FDD-161212″ x 16″ (for flat ductwork)

Guy Wire Kit

A guy wire kit includes 50 feet of 1/8-inch cable, anchors, turnbuckles and clamps for the installation of three guy wires to an exhaust stack. Connector rings are sold separately.

Guy Wire Kit
Part No. Dimension
DU-GWK-12  12″
DU-GWK-18  18″
DU-GWK-24  24″
DU-GWK-30  30″
DU-GWK-34  34″
DU-GWK-36  36″
DU-GWK-40  40″
DU-GWK-42  42″
DU-GWK-48  48″
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