Paint Booth Filters

A Wide Variety of Filters for Paint Booths, Ovens, Washers and Finishing Equipment

GFS Filter types

Paint Booth Filters

Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) offers a wide variety of filters for paint booths, ovens, washers and other finishing equipment. Dedicated to providing top-quality filters, most are kept in stock for quick turnaround and fast shipping to virtually any location across North America.

GFS’ quest for product quality and performance has resulted in a complete line of filters that have been designed and manufactured for durability and long-lasting, trouble-free service.

Please contact GFS Parts & Filters Sales for additional filters and other filter accessories, including filter grids and clips.


Full-Service Parts & Filters Department

GFS Parts and Filters

Dedicated to providing top-quality replacement products, GFS offers a full-service parts and filters department. Many filters are kept in stock at GFS for quick turnaround and fast shipping to virtually any location across North America and the world. GFS’ quest for product quality and performance has resulted in a complete line of accessories that have been designed and manufactured for durability and long-lasting, trouble-free service.

Legacy Products & Modern Equipment

GFS Acquisitions

GFS offers replacement parts and air filters for all of our finishing products, as well as other brands. We have items for modern equipment and legacy products dating back several decades. We are your approved full-line supplier of parts and filters for booths, ovens and finishing systems by: Binks, Blu-Surf, DeVilbiss, GFS, JBI, Milbanks and many other spray booth manufacturers.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Variety of GFS Filters

Preventative Maintenance Programs from GFS help to ensure your finishing equipment is always performing with optimal results while minimizing your energy costs, improving the quality of your finishes and maximizing your profits. Programs are tailored to meet your needs and may include anything from general maintenance of the booth to cleaning and replacement of filters.

Featured product

GFS Wave® Paint Booth Filters

The most versatile single-stage filter media made for paint booths has been improved! GFS Wave paint booth filter media is designed to depth load with minimal face loading. The 99.94% particulate removal efficiency incorporates an excellent filtration capacity and longer filter life. Material complies with requirements of NFPA 33 and UL 900. 

GFS Wave paint booth filter media has a convoluted surface designed to create a maximum surface area of filtration with exceptional depth loading ability. This filtration media not only removes overspray from the paint booth’s exhaust airflow, the “waves” capture and retain overspray within the media, reducing run-off. This means less booth floor clean-up and quicker, more efficient filter changes.

GFS Wave paint booth filters have been approved for the National Emission Standard. Based on 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart HHHHHH consistent with ASHRAE 52.1

Other paint booth filters


Exhaust Filters

Made from multi-layered, multi-density polyester. Approved and Class 2 UL and CUL listed and conforms to OSHA standards.

Panel filters for GFS’ Ovens, available with wood frame and metal frame.
Made from multi-layered, multi-density polyester. High efficiency and paint holding capacity make “Gold” a cost-effective filter replacement media for any paint booth.
Fiberglass exhaust filters are exclusively designed to collect paint overspray. Made from continuous filament glass fibers and an open weave pattern, particles penetrate deep into the pad and for excellent filter loading.

Intake Filters

These mesh filters are comprised of numerous layers of UL listed, Class 2 approved kraft media.

Progressively-structured, high-performance media is made from synthetic fibers and is resin bonded with special adhesive. The filters do not migrate paint particles. Self-extinguishing and have a 100% coating of fibers. UL Class 2 approved.

These filters are suitable for use with the Smart Cure control systems, which generate higher heat during cure cycles. Polyester fiber is bonded with a polyvinyl chloride binder. Flame Retardant added.

Made of high-loft, non-woven, expanded polyester, with 99.84 percent average arrestance. Meet UL/CUL 900 classification and Class 2 approved.

Three-Stage Filtration

The three-stage filtration system is highly effective at capturing high volumes of paint or dust, with up to 99.9% filter efficiency at 5 microns. The system is used for dust collection, powder coating and aerospace chromate coatings. The system includes roll media, panel filters and six-pocket bag filters.

Stage 1 – Multi-Layered Polyester Roll Media: The air-entry side is constructed of a mixture of lofted denier fiber. The air-leaving side is comprised of a mixture of heavily needled media to densify. Multi-Layered Polyester Roll Media weighs 1.2 oz per sq. ft.

Stage 2 – Pad Filters: The Filter Panel is constructed of two different layers of tackified polyester media, sealed together so the tackified layers of each media touch in the center. The air-entry layer is constructed of multi-layered, multi-density polyester with heavy, non-migrating tackifier on the air-leaving side. The air-leaving media is a heavily needled polyester, densified up to ¼ in. thick, tackified on the air-entry side with a weight of 0.42 oz. per sq. ft.

Stage 3 – Bag Filters: The Six-Pocket Bag Filter is constructed of a composite of pre-filter, melt blown and spun bound polyester fibers. The pockets are sewn together on the perimeter with two heat seals, forming three air channels in each bag pocket. The bag pockets on the metal support is inserted into a galvanized metal header. The galvanized header contains an acceptable sealing agent inside of each header to eliminate the possibility of paint bypass within the filter.

3 stage filtration

Paper Filters

These mesh filters are comprised of numerous layers of UL listed, Class 2 approved kraft media.
The unique collapsible pleated filter with round holes captures paint particles outside the air stream in the holding pockets.
These filters are highly efficient and are known for their high dust holding capacity. They are constructed of seven layer expanded paper with a white polyester backing.

Air Make-Up unit Filters

Air make-up units (AMU) provide an economical source of replacement air. AMU filters clean the air entering the AMU, fabric and cleanables.

Powder & Dust Collection

Medium efficiency pleated panel filter. Contains up to 16 pleats per linear foot. Radial pleat construction for minimum pressure. Available in UL/CUL Class 2 or 1, in 4, 2 or 1 in. depths. Nonwoven cotton/synthetic blend media.
Pocketed filter, individual pocket edges and internal dividing bars are heat sealed for no stitch holes. Pockets are assembled using individual modular design. The exceptionally high dust holding capacity provides long life.
Cartridge filters are used for Powder Recovery booths as well as used in safe air dust collection systems.

Code Compliance

GFS guarantees that our products meet or exceed all of the applicable codes related to the equipment. Our engineers regularly follow and contribute to the advancement of codes and standards that affect the industries that we work in. One of our engineers currently serves on the NFPA Technical Committee on Finishing Processes, a key standard in the finishing industry.

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