Tag: Automotive Paint Booth Heater

GFS SpaceSaver Heat Unit feature

SPACESAVER® air heater

SPACESAVER® Heat Unit GFS’ Exclusive, Roof-Integrated Heat System Description The exclusive, roof-integrated SpaceSaver® heat system from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) does not add to a paint

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GFS BT1200 heater feature image

GUL2000 Heat Unit

Top-of-the-Line Automotive Paint Booth Air Heater Description Our top-of-the-line heat system, GUL2000 heat units from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) come standard on Ultra® XP1 and

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GFS BT1200 automotive paint booth heater


BT1200 Heat Unit Highly Versatile Automotive Paint Booth Air Heater Description The highly versatile BT1200 heat unit from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) can be placed

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