The supportive leadership I have had during my time at GFS has helped me grow as an individual and think outside the box, as well as given me the confidence to be comfortable in any situation. Being on the sales team can often be a delicate balance, but I see our team making the right decisions daily that reflect integrity and honesty — both for GFS and our customers. When I make purchases for myself, I look for the same traits that we practice every day at GFS. I’m honored to be a part of a team that truly cares about the customer and the products we provide.

I have found that honesty is the best policy and the best way to maintain accountability and trust. Even if difficult or awkward tasks arise, in my experience, honesty and directness build healthy working relationships. Everything falls together with ease. I always strive to have the right mindset, keep that honesty and honor our customers’ requirements, all while keeping the company’s best interest at heart. I am excited to come to work every day, to see what the day will bring and how I can use my skills to help us be successful. Integrity is a very important trait in my personal life, so it’s no wonder that I feel right at home at a company that also honors it.

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