When I started at GFS more than 10 years ago, I worked with my boss at the time to kick off a lead management program. He not only encouraged the growth of the company and our department, but also encouraged my own growth and success. I really enjoyed the marketing aspect of my job, and GFS recognized that, so they sent me back to school to get my bachelor’s degree in marketing. Along with my background in sales, it gave me an opportunity to move into the marketing department as the marketing sales coordinator.

GFS was flexible with my schedule when I went back to school, and they also helped pay for my education. They truly value growth and continuous improvement. Outside of schooling, GFS has encouraged me to participate in industry network events, such as the Manufacturers Alliance, to learn how others in the industry grow and improve. Currently, as the marketing manager, I continue to embrace the value of improvement and encourage my team the same way. Whether that’s self-education, conferences, industry trade shows, or going back to school.

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