F-22 Gen5 Paint Booths — A True Team Effort!

hill Air-force base paint booth

GFS is very fortunate to have worked on some absolutely astounding projects over the years. Across all of our business units, Automotive, Aerospace, Systems and Industrial, we are constantly impressed with the ingenuity of our engineering team who is responsible for the design of products and equipment that we have put into service all over North America, and the world.

One job that stands out in particular is the F-22 Raptor paint booths we installed at Hill Air Force Base in partnership with our distributor Whesco. Comprising of four individual paint booths, this massive facility is designed specifically for the application of Low-Observable coatings. LO coatings are designed to absorb radar, which contributes to the ‘stealth’ attributes of the aircraft. Without this type of coating on the aircraft, its visibility on radar systems increases dramatically, so it is crucial that the F-22’s be painted to precise specifications to maximize its effectiveness while in the field.

Recently, we received a notice from Hill AFB, specifically from Terry Hess, Facility Engineer at Hill. The letter read as follows:

Memorandum for: Global Finishing Solutions, Attn: Rick Binder, President

From: 309MXSS/DEAA, Hill AFB, UT

Subject: Letter of Appreciation, re: F-22 Aircraft Paint Booths

1. I would like to thank Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) and Whesco for their involvement with the F-22 Overhaul/Test Facility and F-22 Heavy Maintenance Facility projects at Hill AFB. The four full aircraft paint booths you provided are valuable assets to Hill AFB and critical to the Maintenance Wing’s mission.

2. Your expertise in full aircraft paint booth design, fabrication, installation and commissioning was outstanding. During the design you customized the paint booth layout and control system to meet the customer’s specific needs. Your attention to detail during design, installation and commissioning was critical to the success of these paint booths. Your timeliness during fabrication and installation helped keep these projects on-schedule. Our paint mechanics are very happy with the well-built, clean, well-lit and functional paint booths. Our maintenance mechanics are thrilled with the excellent access to equipment. Your willingness to go the extra mile to meet customer needs and expectations was greatly appreciated.

3. It has been a pleasure working with GFS and Whesco on these projects. I look forward to future projects with you.

Terry Hess
Facility Engineer
Maintenance Support Squadron

Terry’s kind words of appreciation are extremely valuable to the team at GFS. Through these types of projects, our engineering teams develop technologies and environmental controls that are completely unique, and are the most advanced in the world of paint finishing. To know that the team at GFS and the team at Whesco worked together to achieve such a successful project is wonderful, and we are proud to have been an integral part of such an important facility.

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