Revolutionary Filter Design — GFS’ WAVE Paint Booth Filters

GFS Wave Filters

GFS is proud to announce the latest innovation in paint booth filter technology with the WAVE paint booth filters! These filters are the world’s first to be designed specifically to achieve maximum performance with waterborne paints.

The WAVE paint booth filters are a versatile, non-woven, polyester media comprised of coarse fibers specifically chosen for strength, durability, and performance in overspray collection applications. WAVE has been designed for use where automotive refinish coatings are repeatedly sprayed and cured in a continuing process environment and where high viscosity, fast drying industrial coatings might face-load conventional polyester, paper/poly, or poly/fiberglass media.

The low initial resistance of the WAVE, 0.03” wg at 150fpm, is a key feature of the products performance capability.  The proprietary fiber blend, in conjunction with the patented Wave pattern, enables paint-laden air to be captured across the surface and within the depth of the media; extending filter service life and reducing operating costs.

WAVE can provide performance advantages that can make even under-powered exhaust systems operate more effectively than can conventional polyester collectors.  With initial resistance such a critical factor, why settle for fiberglass when WAVE can provide better protection for your fan and longer service life performance?

WAVE has been independently tested and exceeds the requirements for an overspray collector according to performance standards outlined in 40 CFR, part 63, subpart HHHHHH.  WAVE has a removal efficiency of 99.73% on overspray.

The patented wave pattern provides 2.3 times more surface area for every square foot of face area in an existing frame system. A standard, pressurized automotive refinish booth with a 30” x 24’ floor pit would have the same loading surface as a floor pit 5.75 feet wide with the same 24-foot length.  That’s the equivalent of having nearly 6.5 square feet of usable media surface for every 20 x 20 frame opening.

And, that doesn’t take into consideration the depth loading capability of our proprietary fiber blend. In field trials performed at high volume automotive refinish booths; WAVE averaged more than 200 hours in service. With an average production output of 475 panels per filter change, that translates to lower operating costs and a change schedule that equates to a month or more for those same high volume shops.

Today’s economy dictates energy conservation as well as high output in production facilities. Considering WAVE has 25 percent lower initial resistance than the next closest polyester media and 50%, or more, lower resistance than many of today’s conventional standard and high capacity polyester overspray collectors; it’s easy to see why WAVE should be your first choice for filters when you’re spraying waterborne paints.

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