Problem Solved — Small-Town Auto Body Shop Upgrades to a Larger Building, Leaving Homemade Booth Behind

Global Finishing Solutions Ultra XC Spray Paint Booth

Located just outside of Winnipeg, St. Claude Autobody has been serving the St. Claude community for over 50 years. Dealing with everything from collisions to hail damage, the shop grew from a one-man team to a 12 employee shop, demanding a larger facility.

20141031_145408.jpg The original St. Claude Autobody

That one-man team was made up of Norm Bruneau, who purchased the business in 2006. When growth necessitated a new building, he faced the problem of what to do with his old booth. “It was a homemade booth,” Bruneau described. “It did the trick when I started but it was basically a room with a fan at one end and filters in an overhead door.”

He knew that in building a new world-class, 10,000-square-foot facility, he needed an upgraded booth to match.

20141213_081346.jpg The new and improved St. Claude Autobody

“I’m a very analytical person when it comes to equipment purchases,” said Bruneau. “Price was a factor but it definitely wasn’t the determining factor.”

His analytical search for the right booth had Bruneau comparing specs “literally line for line.” In the end, he chose a booth to work for the long run. He decided on Global Finishing Solutions’ Ultra XC Paint Booth.

“I didn’t want to skimp on quality,” he added. “When comparing the specs, it quickly became apparent it was the best booth for us.”

Working with Dormer Finishing Systems, St. Claude Autobody was set up with a new Ultra XC Paint Booth.

With the Ultra XC Paint Booth, Bruneau and St. Claude Autobody get better turnaround time, improved efficiency with cure cycles and overall cleaner paint jobs. As he puts it, “the booth keeps things moving efficiently through our facility.”


“Throughput has been dramatically improved, as well as the overall quality of the finished product,” concluded Bruneau. “It’s a win-win for us.”

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