GFS Releases Booth Shield Peelable Booth Protection

OSSEO, Wis. – Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS), a world leader in innovation for paint booth and finishing system technologies has released Booth Shield®, a complete line of peelable coatings for protecting paint booth walls, windows, lights and floors.

“GFS is excited to offer our customers a fast, easy solution for booth protection and overspray capture,” said Mick Ramis, business unit manager at GFS.

Compatible with all types of booths, Booth Shield provides a bright, clean finish on paint booth surfaces and ensures prime visibility while working inside the booth. Booth Shield Peelable Translucent offers a protective coating for white pre-coated steel booths, windows and lights. Booth Shield Peelable White brightens and protects both galvanized and white pre-coated paint booths.

Easy to apply and remove, and providing long-lasting coverage, Booth Shield offers significant advantages compared to traditional paper wrap. The liquid coatings can be sprayed or rolled onto the surface and built up to desired thickness. Most wall applications are complete with just one coat of Booth Shield, and floor coatings can withstand heavy-duty traffic after just two layers.

“Booth Shield dries quickly after application, allowing you to resume full use of your booth within a couple hours,” continues Ramis.

In addition to improving booth brightness and appearance, Booth Shield creates a safer spraying environment by trapping overspray and minimizing fire hazards caused by excess paint accumulation. When it’s time to remove and replace the booth coating, simply score the edges and peel Booth Shield off your surfaces. The coating can be peeled off walls and floors in large sections, compressed and disposed of normally.

Choose from a complete line of Booth Shield wall and floor prep coats, peelable white wall coats, peelable translucent wall coats and peelable floor products to quickly and easily protect your investment.


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