Problem Solved – Industrial Manufacturer Expands Business with New, Custom-Made GFS Paint Booth

Industrial LE paint booth

Established February 2011, Bulldog Steel Fabrication (BSF) of Madison, Georgia has built their reputation on being the supplier that gets the job done. Positioned as an industry leader in southeastern Georgia, BSF focuses on manufacturing skeletal components to sell to other companies for their own production. BSF currently uses 930 tons of steel per month and services more than 15 different industries. From heavy cargo and commercial construction to overhead door companies and manufactured housing, it is the variety of industries they serve that makes their company unique.

Upon deciding to continue to expand and diversify their product line, BSF broke ground on a 15,000-square-foot expansion project in February 2017. With this expansion came a brand new metal fabrication spray booth. This eco-friendly, side-downdraft Large Equipment Paint Booth was custom designed by Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS). Their new paint booth allows them to apply wet coat paint to smaller individual parts and welded structures up to 10 feet high, 16 feet wide and 60 feet long that weigh up to 30,000 pounds.

Industrial spray paint booth
Custom industrial paint booth

BSF was introduced to GFS paint booths through a business opportunity they were presented with from a prominent company in the solar industry. BSF builds and applies finishes to skid frames for this customer to use in their solar energy projects. With the help of Sam Torrey from Southern Fluid Systems, Bulldog Steel Fabrication chose Global Finishing Solutions to build their custom paint booth in order to maintain consistency in the paint finish from the parts manufactured at BSF to the finished product sold by their customer.

“We put it into operation about two months ago, and the investment was absolutely worthwhile; we use it everyday,” says Carlin Thomas, president and general manager, “It has enabled us to diversify our offerings and grow our business. We would have had to pass up on the business opportunity otherwise.”

Bulldog Steel Fabrication has grown significantly with the addition of the new, state-of-the-art paint booth that features a direct-fire, gas-heated air make-up unit with a 100 percent air replacement system. With plans to continue to grow in the future, BSF has also started using their paint booth to build chassis for tiny homes. In the next phase of growth, they plan to add another facility, using an additional eight acres of land to start a line of cycle trailers for carrying motorcycles.

Large Equipment spray booth

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