What Is a Paint Booth?

With decades of experience, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) is the leading manufacturer of paint booths and finishing systems for many industries. But what exactly is a “paint booth” or “finishing system?” This is one of the most common questions we are asked at GFS. Here are the simple definitions and an expanded explanation of each product type.

Paint Spray Booth

A controlled environment for paint application.

A few of the most common items painted in a spray booth are cars, trucks, boats, planes, parts and furniture, and the basic structural design of a paint booth is essentially the same no matter the size, industry or application. Paint booths are either fully enclosed (with walls or doors on all sides) or feature an open front (without walls or doors in the front of the booth). Paint booths can be standalone pieces or included as part of a conveyorized finishing system — but we’ll get to that later.

Using a spray booth ensures that paint jobs are done faster, safer and cleaner. The most important function of a paint booth is to contain paint overspray, keeping your employees and the environment safe. By confining the application of hazardous material to a controlled environment, paint booths prevent hazardous overspray from causing fire or explosion, control air-fuel/mixture so that a combustible combination cannot occur and ultimately, provide a clean environment in which to paint.

In addition to safety, quality can be significantly improved with a paint booth. Enclosed paint booths offer a contaminant-free environment for better quality paint jobs. Before air enters the paint booth, it is filtered through high-efficiency filters that prevent small dirt and dust particles from coming into the booth and landing in your paint job. Cleaner paint jobs also means less rework, saving businesses valuable time.

Often used to pressurize paint booths, air make-up units (AMUs) are responsible for moving air continuously throughout the booth and help the booth maintain an optimal spraying temperature. In addition to a paint spraying mode, most paint booths also have a cure mode, which helps the paint adhere and dry faster.

Lastly, the use of a code-compliant paint booth for paint spraying is necessary to meet local, state and national safety codes that are put in place to protect people and the environment.

Finishing Equipment

Equipment such as prep booths, dust collection booths, paint booths, washers, ovens and more that provide the ideal environment for paint prep and finishing operations.

Although GFS is a well-known paint booth manufacturer, we also offer a full line of equipment for the entire paint finishing process — from prepping to painting to curing. These products include prep booths, dust collection booths and pre-treatment washers for preparing the part, vehicle or product for painting, and curing ovens, tunnels or drying enclosures for paint curing and drying.

Finishing System

Usually connected by a conveyor, a finishing system includes several pieces of equipment (washer, paint booth, oven, etc.) designed for the complete prep, paint and cure of a part or piece of equipment.

When implemented correctly, finishing systems optimize production efficiency and energy savings. They can range from simple one or two-stage systems to large, multi-stage systems that include equipment such as pre-treatment washers, dehydration ovens, temperature and humidity-controlled clean rooms, spray booths, flash tunnels, bake/curing ovens, forced air coolers, conveyors, “Smart” controls, robots, reciprocators, application equipment and paint storage rooms.

Products Around the World Get Their Finishing Touch in GFS Finishing Equipment

GFS builds paint booths and finishing systems for companies in the agriculture, automotive, aviation, construction, marine and oil industries, among others. Fighter jets, luxury yachts, custom cars and wind turbines around the world get their final finish in a GFS paint booth. Our customers include well-known motor vehicle companies such as Ford, Harley Davidson and John Deere. We even have paint booths in locations such as the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our wide variety of customers across the globe, and the products GFS provides to them, is truly what makes paint booths and finishing systems exciting. GFS strives to meet the unique needs to every customer with a solution that is right for them.

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