Problem Solved — General Purpose Paint Booth Perfect for Painting Forklifts


Serving southern Wisconsin since 1969, Badger ToyotaLift in New Berlin is an award-winning Toyota forklift dealership — with products and services that include new and used forklifts sales, rentals, parts and service, as well as training and safety. The Wisconsin business, which is approaching 50 years of service, moved their operation to a new, larger building in October 2017. The new building accommodates more vehicle storage, along with a new way of servicing those vehicles.

Their old building had an existing spray booth which was essentially a converted steam room. Originally built with concrete blocks, the booth was open on the sides, allowing for dust, dirt and pollen to enter and contaminate the distinct “Toyota Orange” color and decrease the overall finish quality of the forklifts.

Moving into a new building, the team brought up the idea to purchase a new, price-competitive, quality paint booth. After talking with Jason Jungers from ICAFe Inc., the team learned about a unique opportunity through Global Finishing Solutions (GFS).

The opportunity presented itself as a part of a GFS company initiative to validate product quality. Several models of GFS’ industrial product line were built and installed at the company’s headquarters in Osseo, Wisconsin, completing thorough testing to ensure optimal airflow, excellent lighting and that they met applicable quality standards.

Noah, Badger’s lead painter, mentioned that learning about this opportunity made them consider the upgrade to a quality piece of finishing equipment. With painting such a unique, recognizable color like Toyota Orange, a top-notch finish was their top priority. Jason presented a high-quality, affordable crossdraft General Purpose Paint Booth, and the team never looked back.

“I saw the booth and the specs and I said, ‘This would be perfect for what we need it for.’” Noah commented.

Built for value-minded customers, General Purpose Paint Booths are pre-engineered and designed to meet production goals, budgetary needs and timeframe requirements. Since it was installed in the new shop, the team has been using it almost every day, prepping and painting a full line of Toyota lift trucks of all shapes and sizes. Putting through about three a week, they almost can’t keep up with the demand. “We would be using two if we could,” added Service Manager, Brian Vanoskey. “Once they’re painted, they’re out the door.”

The booth has since added value to the shop’s processes, finish quality of the forklifts and overall employee morale.

“The booth at our old location served us well for 20 years, but it’s nothing like the great improvement we have now,” Noah added.

GFS General Purpose Paint Booths provide the highest-quality, most cost-effective solution for businesses that need to paint medium-sized equipment.

“And the customers like it ‘cuz it looks pretty,” Brian laughs. “We even painted my son’s racecar in it — Toyota Orange of course.”

For more information on Global Finishing Solutions, please visit our website. To request a quote for a General Purpose Paint Booth, please submit your information here.

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