Problem Solved — GFS Industrial Equipment Helps New Florida Manufacturer Bring Powder Coating In-House & Improve Turnaround Time

When Shellco Construction — a shell contractor of custom residential and commercial projects — searched for vehicle storage box suppliers to outfit their 40 newly purchased construction vehicles, they were disappointed to learn that these companies offered lead times of up to 15 weeks. In an effort to fulfill a market need to deliver these products to customers faster, Shellco established a new company, Simplified Fabricators. Located in the heart of West Palm Beach, Simplified Fabricators set up shop in early 2019 to offer high-quality utility vehicle beds and storage boxes to South Florida.

The new company brings powder coating services in-house with new finishing equipment that they hope will help cut the 15-week lead time estimate down to four or five weeks. With 54,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and 25,000 square feet of office area to boot, Simplified Fabricators’ facility hosts a new Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) Batch Process Powder Coating Booth, two Batch Process Ovens, a General Purpose Paint Booth and an Industrial Paint Mix Room.

“With the sheer size and precision engineering of our equipment, we have no doubt we will be able to cut the lead time of other manufacturers in half,” said Justin Figueroa, vice president of Simplified Fabricators. “We have two large ovens that will be able to maximize our commercial work. We now have more to offer our customers and are able to give them a better product in return.”

When Figueroa searched for finishing equipment providers, he relied on the expertise of their distributor, Joe Jones of Dietz Supply Company, along with advice from other businesses in the industry.

“The fabrication crowd is a pretty tight-knit community, and the GFS name is everywhere when talking about good equipment manufacturers,” Figueroa added. “GFS had the equipment for what we wanted to do.”

Although utility beds and storage boxes are their specialty, the company also produces contractor and landscape beds, as well as welds and paints high-end bike frames. Along with in-house automation services, such as robotic welding and bending, Simplified Fabricators is a one-of-a-kind manufacturing company that will make an impact in the industry for years to come.

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