Bright Ideas to Boost Your Paint Booth Lighting

If you could make a quick, easy, affordable adjustment to your paint booth that improves working conditions, saves energy and helps the environment, chances are you would not pass up that opportunity.

With most of the focus on increasing throughput and upgrading to the latest technology, the importance of excellent paint booth lighting is often overshadowed. It should be a high priority — as better visibility in your paint booth will help you produce a better finish.

Paint Booth LED Lights

Adding LED lighting is the answer to a problem that many paint booth owners don’t even know they have. Commonly used in stores, offices, homes and warehouses, LED lights also offer significant advantages in a paint booth.

LED T8 Lamps are an energy saving alternative to fluorescent lamps, which are typically standard in paint booths. When compared to traditional 32-watt T8 fluorescent lamps, LED T8 Lamps offer up to 40 percent energy savings. Lower energy consumption allows for short payback periods, making it more cost-effective to upgrade to LED lights.

When using paint booth LED lights instead of traditional fluorescent bulbs, products and parts in the booth appear much brighter, yet the light itself is softer. LED T8 Lamps produce more light, and the light is not as blinding as that from fluorescent bulbs.

Due to growth in popularity over the past few decades, LED lamps are much more affordable, especially if purchased in bulk. They also last longer than fluorescent bulbs, providing up to a 36,000-hour lifespan that eliminates the need to frequently replace the tubes. Many LED lights come with a warranty — LED T8 Lamps from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) come with a three-year warranty.

Light Boosting Alternatives

An alternative to LED lights, light boosting reflectors can increase the luminosity of your paint booth by 20 percent. Compatible with four- or six-tube light fixtures, GFS’ light boosting reflectors feature a unique reflector shape and material, directing more light where you need it, toward the working area of your booth. With light reflectors, you can achieve the same level of luminosity with fewer bulbs, saving energy and maintenance costs.

Light Reflectors

Now is the time to evaluate the quality of the lighting in your paint booth. Whether adding paint booth LED lights or a light boosting reflector from GFS, the decision to improve your paint booth’s lighting should be a no-brainer. You won’t regret it, considering the countless benefits, most notably better sightlines in your paint booth, less maintenance and more energy savings.

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It's easy to upgrade your paint booth lighting with LED lamps & reflectors.

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