Problem Solved — Powder Coating Production Running Smooth with Two New, Large GFS Ovens

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A venture that started in 2011 in Fort Lauderdale, JAS Powder Coating has quickly become one of the premier powder coating service providers in Florida. In 2017, owners Ellen and Mike Reinig started up another location and expanded their operations to Edgewater, Florida.

Their new location provides similar product offerings as their South Florida facility — with high-quality powder coating services for architecture projects, including awnings, gates, railings and canopies. Powder coating products must be able to look great and withstand harsh environmental elements such as sun exposure, saltwater and storms while still complementing a business or home. The need to powder coat many products for sunshade and architectural features drives demand for powder coating and the need for large-scale and reliable powder coating ovens.

To achieve these high-quality finishes, the owners of JAS Powder Coating reached out to Joe Jones of Dietz Supply Company to supply new finishing equipment for both of the locations. In 2017, the Edgewater location was equipped with a new 40-foot-long pass-through oven and spray booth dust collectors, and in 2018, the Fort Lauderdale location was upgraded with a 34-foot-long Batch Process Oven.

pass through industrial curing oven
pass through industrial curing oven

Looking for an oven manufacturer that did not have product specification limitations, they worked with Dietz Supply Company and Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) for an oven that did not impede their overhead track system, which is used to push products through the oven.

“Many of the manufacturers we researched did not have custom ceiling heights or adequate ductwork or blowers in those systems,” said Ellen. “GFS was able to design/build our oven to meet our specifications, and working with Dietz Supply gave us a streamlined process to get the equipment we needed. The custom sizes of the ovens were a big selling point, too. Oven capacity is a huge asset in our business because this allows us to accommodate larger products.”

JAS has noticed a difference, too — not only in the finish quality of their products but in the quality of the industrial curing ovens.

“Our GFS Batch Process Oven is a better-quality product than what we were using before,” Ellen stated. “The control panel provides a more consistent oven temperature, and is more efficient because of that. From the first time we fired up the new GFS oven, it has performed to our expectations. There are no hot or cold spots, or inadequate flow of air. It’s much easier to run our production with the GFS large ovens.”

pass through powder coating oven
pass through powder coating oven

Service was another key factor in the decision to purchase powder coating ovens from GFS.

“We operate the ovens all day long, and if they both go out or do not operate properly, we might as well shut down operations,” Ellen explained. “GFS is able to help us troubleshoot issues with easy access to parts and technical support. Working with Dietz Supply has been a pleasure, and the service from Joe has been great!”

By replacing their existing oven, JAS Powder Coating has increased their throughput 150 percent and decreased their fuel cost by $7,000 in the first year.

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