How Project Managers Help Actualize Your Capital Equipment Investment

Investing in large capital equipment projects, such as paint booths, ovens, washers and other finishing equipment, involves much more than making a purchase and awaiting installation. It can sometimes be a long, unpredictable journey with hurdles related to budgets, timelines, project scope, equipment layout and code compliance.

That is why on large jobs or jobs with multiple equipment installs, it is essential to invest in finishing equipment from a manufacturer with project management capabilities. Otherwise, you run the risk of your project not being completed on time, going over budget or not being what you expected. With a project manager, you have peace of mind — someone you know is experienced at navigating the challenges of the finishing industry.

The Roles of Project Managers

Project managers are valuable because they are skilled at wearing many hats. They are project organizers and problem solvers who focus on ensuring quality and meeting safety requirements.

Businesses with dedicated project managers can invest more time in project planning; conduct more frequent project reviews to assess risks, milestones and value; and measure project outcomes more frequently. According to a survey by McKinsey & Company, nearly 60 percent of senior executives said building a strong project management team is a top-three priority for their company as they look to the future.

A project manager is responsible for:

  • Managing project timelines
  • Maintaining quality and scope expectations
  • Fulfilling project requirements with internal design, engineering and technical services departments
  • Coordinating with general contractors and/or architecture and engineering firms on building design and layout
  • Sourcing outside consultants, subcontractors and special vendors
  • Visiting the job site to meet with building officials

Expertise & Collaboration from GFS Project Managers

Global Finishing Solutions’ (GFS) project managers boast diverse backgrounds in a range of industries. While every project is unique, the decades of combined experience by GFS’ project management team provide comfort that no problem is too big to handle.

On all aerospace projects and certain industrial projects, a dedicated GFS project manager oversees the project from start to finish. This means when you invest in capital equipment from GFS, you have someone you can count on every step of the way, from the time of sale through startup and final commissioning.

GFS project managers do not do everything on their own, though. They collaborate internally with a cross-functional team of designers, engineers, installation teams and technicians, making sure the equipment customers receive from GFS meets their needs and that it is installed on time and on budget.

At GFS, our project managers have three primary goals — each with the needs of the customer at the forefront:

  1. Provide quality products, so that customers reap the benefits of long-lasting, reliable performance from GFS equipment
  2. Offer exceptional customer service, so that customers feel confident in their decision to invest in capital equipment from GFS
  3. Ensure customer expectations are met, so that customers receive everything they were promised when they placed their trust in GFS

To recognize the full value of capital equipment, you often must look beyond the purchase price and consider the level of manufacturer support you are receiving with your investment. Purchasing finishing equipment from a manufacturer, such as GFS, that has dedicated project managers ready to assist can lead to an easier, less worrisome experience for your business.

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