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REVO Handheld


Improve your paint shop efficiency without having to overhaul your space with REVO Accelerated Curing Systems from Global Finishing Solutions. The revolutionary technology cures filler and coatings quickly from the inside out, offering the fastest curing time in the industry for both prep and paint processes.

Easy to operate and install, REVO Systems save time and improve results. With multiple models designed to fit a variety of needs, there’s a solution to start saving you time and money immediately. Repair cycle time is shortened and rework is significantly reduced thanks to the high quality, complete cure REVO Systems always deliver.



REVO Speed

The Ultimate Tool to Cut Paint Time in Half

Excels in speed lane repair facilities — body filler, primer, base and clear in one place

Ideal in Side-Load Finishing Systems to maximize shop production

Perfect for painting one to four panels

REVO Rapid

The Ultimate Tool for Paint and Prep

Can reach any part of a vehicle

Ideal in prep areas and Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) booths

Perfect for smaller, quick repair jobs of one to two panels

REVO Speed Curing
Complete body filler through clear coat in under 1 hour.
Cure primer on 2 panels in less than 11 minutes.

Applications For Undercoats & Smaller Jobs


The Ultimate Tool for Primer and Filler

Significantly reduce primer cure time to get 1 more car to the paint department per day

Great for body filler, as well as spray-on and roll-on primer

Can be effortlessly moved into any paint booth, prep station or any area in a shop

REVO Handheld

The Ultimate Tool for Body Repairs

Complete plastic repairs faster

Great for body filler, plastic repair and stripping vinyl graphics

Use in any shop — it plugs in to any 110-volt outlet

Cure 2- to 4-hour primer in 6 to 8 minutes.
Get your shop running more efficiently in minutes.


Ultra XR Paint Booth

The Ultra® XR Paint Booth is a premium downdraft spray booth that is integrated seamlessly with the REVO Speed — creating a top-of-the-line spraying and curing environment.

Ultra XR CTOF Booth

The Ultra® XR Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) is an end-to-end prep, paint and curing environment. By integrating REVO Systems into this versatile finishing environment, vehicles can be filled, primed, sealed, painted and rapidly cured in one location.

Integrated overhead rails allow the REVO Speed to move independently alongside the vehicle, curing coatings as it moves

Exclusive Controlled Airflow Ceiling for superior contamination control

Premium ceiling and vertical sidewall lighting

Intuitive LOGIC 4 controls with dual VFDs

Pressurized parking garage and pressurized power rails make the booth fully compliant with NFPA 33

Ultra XR Paint Booth

Built-in overhead rail system allows REVO Speed or Rapid to easily move alongside the vehicle or panels

Downdraft airflow with GFS’ exclusive Controlled Airflow Ceiling for superior contamination control

Dual-bay construction

Intuitive LOGIC 4 controls with dual VFDs

NFPA 33 compliant

Ultra XR with REVO Rapid on Rails CTOF
Ultra XR CTOF Booth

Side-Load Finishing Systems

Designed for high-volume body shops and collision repair centers, Side-Load Finishing Systems from Global Finishing Solutions improve productivity and maximize shop space. Vehicles move quickly and easily between work bays on its integrated track and dolly system.

Customized to your shop’s layout and production needs

Eliminates the need to drive the vehicles in and out of the booths

Allows vehicles to be fully taped before entering the booth or prep environment, saving up to 15 minutes per cycle

UL listed control panel with energy-saving settings

Compliance with NFPA and OSHA safety standards

Side-Load Finishing Systems

Let us know your product requirements, and we will put you in touch with a distributor in your area.



REVO Accelerated Curing Systems use short wave electric infrared technology, which provides significant throughput gains, energy cost savings and quality improvements.

Curing time for both prep and paint phases of repair can be reduced by hours, freeing up your technicians to complete additional repairs. There is no need to add accelerators to speed curing time; the fast dry time and complete cure from electric infrared curing technology delivers high quality results that reduce the need for rework.

Electric infrared energy costs are a fraction of the energy costs to run a conventional system. REVO Systems take just a fraction of a second to heat up and are ready to cure a repair immediately. Cool down is also very quick so the systems can be turned on only when needed and are safe to handle shortly after shutdown.

REVO Systems deliver consistent, controlled heat. Temperature is precisely regulated by easy-to-operate controls. With short wave infrared curing technology, the drying energy is concentrated on only the panels needing repair and penetrates multiple layers of coatings to heat the substrate beneath. REVO Systems consistently cure primer, sealer and paint.

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Infrared Light Bulb
Speed Up Your Operation with Infrared Drying Technology
Learn more about how short wave electric infrared drying technology can speed up your shop.


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Learn how easy it is to use REVO Spot. Using short wave electric IR technology, these revolutionary systems cure filler and coatings quickly from the inside out. Cure time is reduced by hours, freeing up your technicians to complete additional repairs. The savings can easily get at least one more car to the paint department per day.

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