Water Wash Paint Booths

Cleaner Painting Environments for Superior Quality Finishes

Waterwash paint booth

water wash paint booths

Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) Water Wash Spray Booths provide an extremely efficient means for removing paint particles from the exhausted air, resulting in a cleaner painting environment for superior quality finishes, increased productivity and improved working conditions. Water Wash Spray Booths are ideal when using large quantities of coatings. GFS is experienced at designing and building Water Wash Booths to meet your specific size and configuration requirements. GFS will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.


  • Efficient airborne particulate removal
  • High-volume capture efficiency
  • Water wash scrubber with enhanced impingement technology




Global Finishing Solutions’ Dynaprecipitor Water Wash Paint Booth handles a larger variety of paints in a wider range of viscosities and drying speeds, and at higher production rates than conventional dry filter spray booths.
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GFS’ EnviroTect Water Wash Paint Booth performs efficiently with even the most difficult coating materials. Straight-line, non-turbulent airflow through the spray curtain improves paint particle capture and cleaning action, while reducing energy consumption.
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