Industrial Washers

Multi-Stage, Pretreatment Systems & Parts Washers

An alternative to manual washing, continuous throughput automatic pretreatment washers resembling a car wash are widely used by industrial manufacturers and job shops for high-production throughput and precise surface preparation. Pretreatment washers from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) automatically clean the part, apply the surface preparation and rinse/seal the part, which is then conveyed through a multi-stage spray washer — ranging from three to eight stages — to be dried and coated.

GFS Industrial Washers

Batch Burn-Off Washer

GFS’ Batch Burn-Off Washer is designed for secondary cleanup of burned-off racks, hooks, fixtures and parts.

GFS Burn-Off Washer - washing off ash on part

Industrial Pretreatment Washer

GFS Industrial Pretreatment Washers are used for cleaning and preparing substrates prior to powder and liquid coating, electro-coating and autophoretic coating.

GFS pretreatment washer prepping product before painting

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